Stretching (Ki Hara)

More and more research is coming out that our traditional model of stretching (aka touch your toes) is ineffective for creating flexibility. Every action in the body has an end range, a continuum. To be truly flexible, those tissues, just like a rubber band, should be able to expand. That said, they also need the strength to pull back, aka the rubber band comes back to its original shape. If we stretch and stretch, without trying to come back, we risk injury from being too lax--just like if you repeatedly overstretch a rubber band. But, if we stretch actively, meaning the whole continuum gets worked, we simultaneously gain flexibility and strength. Since we work one-on-one, I can move your body in the directions those muscles have forgotten they can go, while you actively pull out of that stretch. So, this technique unwinds tension in the body, prevents injury and helps to rehabilitate injury. There is seriously nothing else like this! You’ll feel elongated, open and relaxed afterward.

Effective for:
Overall flexibility goals
Back pain
Plantar fasciitis
Rotator cuff injuries
Knee pain